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Nuclear power energy

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 ● Electricity production by spinning the turbine using the enery created from a chain reaction of nuclear fission
● A huge amount of electricity production using a bag of fuel
● A Safety management is very crucial because a small mistake leads to a deadly result
● A Threefold Safety plan : Quality Control, Inter-lock, Fail-Safe
● An Anti-accident extention measure : a reactor tip, operation of alleviationg the accident, multiple protective walls

● Meet the international standard of Class 1E PLC for the Nuclear Power Plant
● Support the common platform for all safety system such as RPS/ESF-CCS/RCOPS/QLAS

● A Reliability
...- Development accoording to basis of Q-class in NPP(KEPIC certificate)
.....and EQ(KTL certificate)
...- Quality Assurance of H/W and S/W based on IEEE Std. 7-4.3.2
...- Reliability analysis applied to MIL-HDBK-217F
● Conviniences
...- Engineering tool with Simulation(pSET)
...- Maintenance of I/O and Communication Module under operation
.....(Hot Swap)
● Strengths(vs AC-160 of WestingHouse)
...- Simplification of a Safety System by presentin safety communication for 4-channels
...- Base technology possession
...- Application to all New NPPs according to project schedule
● An Applicability
...- Implementation of Safety System by providing various
.....communication functions
...- Convinient Interface by implementation of Opent Architecture with DCS etc
...- Various special function and I/O module offered

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